Prana Yoga

Usually prana flows in either the Ida or the Pingala at any one time, depending on the climatic conditions, intensity of exercise, thought processes and physical stature. Very rarely does prana flow through the central nadi. People who are unaware of the significance of pranic flow sometimes say that prana flowing through the central nadi is indicative of a bad omen. The reason for this is that when prana flows through the central nadi, the mind produces higher thoughts and does not yield to physical activities for worldly purposes. As most of humanity are immersed in the darkness of the material world, they consider the flow of prana through the central nadi as inauspicious. Actually, it is considered extremely auspicious and favourable to a person who desires to pursue the spiritual path.

There is a secret siddhic method used used to stimulate pranic frequency without altering the speed of its flow, and by which ignorance can be discarded and replaced by illumination, causing a more rapid evolution. As prana is stimulated in the medulla, its flow undisturbed, one will not experience any physical change or outward signs, but one’s evolutionary cycle will be accelerated nevertheless. This will be experienced in stages through changes in general life. Depending on the intensity of ones practise, ones entire lower evolutionary stage may be completed in ones current birth or following incarnation, when realization will occur. By strenuous sadhana (practise) of this prana yoga one can attain moksha or brahma nirvana (enlightenment) in ones current lifetime.

In order to stimulate the pranic frequency without altering its speed, the medulla must be stimulated. This will cause evolution of the mind, intellect and subconscious. The three malas (egoism, action and illusion) will dissipate and the Self (athma sakshathkara) will come into realization. After only a little practise of this sadhana and practise of the supplementary Cosmo Mystic Meditation, the layers of ignorance covering the soul will dissolve, revealing the pure Self and ultimately merging with the Almighty in attainment of bliss (ananda) in the current birth.

In order to attain such a supreme state one does not need to change their dress, religion, nature or culture but can continue to live a normal family and professional life. A jeevanmuktha (realized soul) is one who attains liberation in their current birth and will live on earth like an ordinary person, but without any attachment to earthly things, until he throws off his mortal coil. Nothing can affect his mental poise and, like an ordinary person, he lives in the world, but not of it, always rejoicing in the experience of bliss.

Excerpt from Evolution-Accelerating Prana Yoga by Sri Khanniah Yogi