Yoga Classes Q&A

Before joining us for Kriya Yoga, you might find the following Q&A helpful.

How should I dress for a Kriya Yoga class?
Wear lose-fitting clothes, ideally a comfortable pair of tracksuit pants and a lose T-shirt (ladies and gents). Avoid tight fitting clothing, which may restrict blood flow. Slip-on shoes are convenient as shoes will need to be removed at the entrance to the yoga venue.

What about a yoga mat?
Yoga mats are available for new students to borrow during the class but, ideally you should have your own mat. Please let us know in advance if you need to borrow a mat.

What do classes cost?
Classes are R100 per person per month, and R50 for additional family members of your immediate family (i.e. parents, children, siblings). Children under 16 can attend free of charge.

If you’re a non-profit organisation what are fees used for?
Yoga fees are fed back into the institute and used for the running of classes. They cover expenses like rent, rates, electricity, water, building maintenance, printed matter, and petrol. Classes in underprivileged areas are subsidised by the classes in higher-income areas.

What can I expect during a class?
Each class starts with a short warm-up, followed by the 18 Kriya Yoga postures, lasting about 45 minutes, after which a few minutes of Kriya Yoga breathing is taught. The class is concluded with a 15 minute meditation. The duration of each class varies slightly, depending on the number of students present.

Will Kriya Yoga help me to lose weight?
Weight-loss is not the aim of Kriya Yoga, although if a yogic lifestyle is followed, a student may lose weight if they have weight to lose. A yogic lifestyle should follow the principles of harmlessness (vegetarianism) and ayurveda (wholistic healing).

How often should I practice Kriya Yoga?
For maximum benefit, Kriya Yoga should be practiced daily, preferably at the same time. The purpose of yoga classes is to teach you to perfect the breathing, yoga and meditation exercises so that you are able to do them correctly on your own. Once this is achieved, continued class attendance is important in building spiritual friendship and feeding inspiration.

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